The Secret to Sucess

Information adapted from the Gracie Academy Master Cycle curriculum. It would be hard to find a larger family structure that engages in Martial Arts at the level of the Gracie family. In all learning, there can be peaks and valleys. Here are success tips for those who have mastered the 36 essential techniques of Gracie Combatives and are exploring the hundreds of advanced techniques in Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Tap early and tap often. Use review time wisely. Talk less, train more. Become a black belt in Gracie Combatives. Log on to on a regular basis. Respect all students and make their safety your priority. Be eager to share/receive knowledge from anyone. Go beyond techniques;

Ryron Gracie discusses his favorite mount escape with demonstration

"Knowing how to escape from underneath someone is one of the most important aspects of knowing how to defend yourself. The confidence that comes from being able to escape someone's control over you is priceless. The No.1 most important thing when underneath somebody is your ability to stay safe. Once you feel safe escape opportunities will appear. There are many ways to escape from underneath the mount. My favorite is the Trap and Roll. It takes me from the bottom to the top in the fastest amount of time and it allows me to escape when someone is striking or trying to submit me. In this video you can see me managing the distance as I wait for an opportunity to trap one arm and one leg. Spend

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