Combatives Graduate gives advice

Brent Hobby, a recent graduate of the Gracie Combatives program has the following advice to offer regarding test preparation. He advises : I would urge students to take their time on the techniques portion and to focus on polishing every detail of the individual techniques. Show conviction on everything especially the submissions. Ironically, I received the most deductions on side mount which I thought was my best position so don't overlook drilling your favorite positions. Watching the GU test samples with Ryron and Rener helped me me greatly as it is a concise way to view the order and proper demonstration of the techniques. I felt the evaluators graded the test fairly and I do not consid


Jiu Jitsu is often translated into the Japanese root words "Gentle" and "Art". Recently, I stumbled across some writings by Max Lucado, author and preacher. I was quite intrigued by his statement that the Greek word translated as gentleness describes a temperament that's seasoned and mature. I desire that the practice of Gracie Jiu Jitsu would provide the physical and mental discipline to spur me in this direction. - Questions to consider - Will I engage in Gracie Jiu Jitsu in such a way as to facilitate this goal? How would those that come in contact with me benefit from this? GRACIE DURHAM

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