Gracie Combatives Lesson 1 Trap and Roll micro solo drills

Do you feel that your trap and roll could be smoother? Is your bridge potential where you want it to be? Are you mindful of the timing on both sides? Do you feel that you are using the least amount of energy necessary while still being effective on your wrist and elbow trap? the micro drill video below can help you dial in these details and if you discern even more- send us a message. After 4 months of consistent teaching through Zoom, we are able to report that people are learning more than they believed was possible while also staying on course with their training. Don't hesitate to reach out and discover for yourself how your capacity for learning will expand through the solo learning.

Self Defense for Women

A Deeper Explanation Discussed in the Women Empowered Program In this conversation, Eve and Victoria Gracie discuss how a Self-Defense Mindset can be cultivated by embodying the tools and principles of traditional self-defense and allowing that to permeate into all aspects of life. Ultimately, the self-defense mindset must be rooted in the belief that you are WORTH defending.

"What are you doing today that your future self would be proud of you for?"

A question to ponder posed by Shareff Dickens, lifelong martial artist. Join Shareff and Gracie Durham as he shares a near death life altering experience that has completed transformed his life and how he is finding joy in the journey. If you feel "handicapped" or in a state of discouragement by the current circumstances of life there's a good chance you will get something out of this! Wed July 8, 2020 at 7pm email info@GracieJiuJitsuDurham for the Zoom link all are welcome

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