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To Spar or not to Spar, that is the question....

"When sparring, I hear my grandfather's voice reminding me,

to continually increase my comfort in worst case scenarios, so that one day, worst case scenarios will cease to exist...."

"If I catch my opponent, it is only because I have failed more than he has. If he catches me, it is because he has failed more diligently than I."

"My goal is NOT to attack faster than my opponent, but rather to exhaust slower than him."

"I will flow like water and take the path of least resistance, without ever losing site of my objective"

"Timing is everything, the right move at the wrong time is the wrong move."

"He chooses how he loses."

"Regardless of who I am training with, I try to remain impartial. Whether a move works for me or against me, I am equally enthralled by the beauty of the technique and humbled by the thought that I have so much left to learn on the path to Jiu Jitsu mastery."

Rener Gracie


Once you have completed the Gracie Combatives program, you will not only have mastered 36 techniques to defend yourself on the street but also have a excellent foundation to begin your journey into the The Master Cycle.

The Master Cycle is the organized, systematic curriculum that explores the hundreds of advanced techniques that can provide a life-long journey and love of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

You won't know until you try. Visit GRACIE DURHAM or find a local Certified Training Center of the Gracie Academy near you.

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