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FAQ re: Fall 2016

First and foremost, THANK YOU! to all the wonderful friends, family and future students for showing interest in GRACIE DURHAM. Your support is very much appreciated.

Questions are coming in and since some of them overlap, here's some answers and we will update this page with future questions as well.

Thank you again.

Q : Where are the classes going to be in Durham?

A : We are actually working with a commercial real estate agent in Durham, Mark Micol of Pickett-Sprouse Real Estate to help secure a location in Durham. As soon we have something concrete, we will update on the website.

Q : What are the age ranges for the different classes?

A : The Gracie Bullyproof program divides kids not only by age but also by experience level. Little Champs is for kids 5-7 years olds, Jr. Grapplers 8-13 years old and the Black Belt Club is not limited by age but is invitation only. read more...

Q : How often do the classes meet and when?

A : As soon as we have a location secured, we will post the schedule of classes on the website.

Q : Will there be any Saturday classes?

A : Great question, most likely yes!

Q : Who will you be teaching the classes for 8 year olds?

A : Currently, we plan to have three Certified Instructors teaching at

GRACIE DURHAM. We are fortunate to have assistant instructors excited to help as well. The exact classes each will be teaching is still to be determined.

Q : Will you be teaching the certified Bullyproof program? If so, does it include verbal assertiveness?

A : 100% yes to teaching the Certified Bullyproof program and following the standards as established by the Gracie Academy.

Q : What is the cost? Will contracts be required?

A : The cost is still to be determined. Whatever the fee may be, we will strive diligently to insure that the value will far outweigh the investment.

As to contracts, we will never impose a situation that will end up being unfair to our students.

Q : Do you have an expected start date? which month in the Fall?

A : Probably not before mid August, but a lot depends on the lease negotiations

We would like to be able to make sure that interested people receive the most up to date information as we have it. Our email list was established to help with this. Feel free to subscribe, we will never spam and you can opt out at anytime.

Thank You!

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