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Fight, Fight, Fight at all costs

Sixth grade was a particularly traumatic year for me. Got my first rejection to the school dance by the neighborhood girl, was moved into a different class away from my best friend, Hak Ung, after the year started and ... got into my first fight.

Lunch time was never pleasant because we explored our social environment by hurling insults and sometimes food at each other. It was the day, when I was the brunt of a few verbal slams that I retaliated with a hurtful word barrage of my own. The recipient actually sat sullenly as if defeated, little did I know, he was fuming on the inside.

Our class bathroom break always followed lunch and I suddenly found my lunch friend staring me down challenging me to fight. I quickly decided I was not interested in fighting and told him so, whereupon he climbed onto a nearby chair and proceeded to execute a flying kick from the chair towards me. Fortunately, I evaded his attempt, he landed on the ground and I left the bathroom.

Upon returning to the classroom, it had already been reported to the teacher that I was fighting in the bathroom and I was promptly rewarded with a trip the principal's office and written report sent to my parents that I was fighting in school.

Hah, here I was, having never thrown a punch or kick and in trouble for fighting. Going home was to be the biggest problem as my parents, although transplanted into this great country, were no foreigners to discipline.

As a child, I remember this chant :

Eventually, I stopped thinking as a sixth grader and have come to the realization that this chant is deceiving. The power of words is too often underestimated and treated with undeserved lightness.


As we teach our kids in how they should grow, the Gracie Bullyproof® program is an excellent tool to prepare for life.

Rules of Engagement No. 1

Fights usually start verbally, it's never too late or too early to invest in equipping your child with the tools they need to defend from all forms of bullying. Learn more...

Visit a Certified Training Center near you and as always, never hesitate to reach out to any of the staff at

GRACIE DURHAM. We are here to help.

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