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Talk, Tell, Tackle

the Talk

"Sunny, I need your help." I sensed the panic underlying the request from my friend Jack Carpenter. "This guy just hit Debbie on the head with a bottle!" Debbie was his wife and my heart dropped to hear this.

We were in Alabama, over 10 years ago at a very fine hotel, there for a ballroom dance competition. It was late in the evening and we were practicing for the professional heats to be held the next day. It was late, I was in my lounge pajamas preparing for an early rest but my pro partner reminded me that we should run through our routines.

Outside, I saw Debbie who was obviously shaken. In the darkness, I couldn't be sure of her injuries but I asked her "Where is he?". She pointed. Spotting a figure a ways off, I begin to run towards him, yelling.

the TELL

"You better stop! or I'm going to bulldog you!".


My verbal threat worked, he took notice and began to walk backward slowly whereupon I caught up with him and slowed down to assess the situation.

It crossed my mind that I was in downtown Birmingham approaching midnight and I was not familiar with these streets. Who knows what random threats were close or what the motivation of this attacker was.

His first words. "I dare you to step over this line." For a moment, I thought we were in grade school flaunting meaningless rhetoric. Then, I realized he was a bit incoherent, highly intoxicated. I looked to my right and was greeted with the face of the most furious person I have ever seen. Clenched fists boasted white knuckles that were a stark contrast to his fuming red face. Jack had caught up to me. My immediate thought was, Jack is going to kill this guy, I'm going to have spend my energy making sure Jack doesn't lose too much control.

To my left, my other good friend Jeff Trent had arrived and I felt more at ease. Jeff wasn't one to back down from any confrontation and was a welcome addition to this situation.

We were fortunate, because it was then Birmingham's finest arrived, quickly handled the lone vagrant and our evening thrill had come to an end.


Gracie Bullyproof® the Rules of Engagement No. 3

Ok, so my recount of actual events don't really line up with the Gracie Bullyproof® rules of engagement. It's a story worth documenting nonetheless.

Did you know that "Verbal Jiu Jitsu" extends all the way into the tackle stage of the Rules of Engagement?

Find out more about the strategy, the techniques needed, and the resulting confidence by visiting any Certified Training Center.

GRACIE DURHAM - Bullyproof®, no child left behind.

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