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Punch Your Bully in the Face ? or !

“If someone’s picking on you, punch him in the face,

because if you do that they’re not going to bother you again.”

If someone said it, and they did, then other people are thinking it.

Whether you agree or disagree with the above statement,

please finish the article before passing a judgement.

"What would you say to any young kids

that are being bullied?"

a few points to consider:

If you don't hit the bully with enough accuracy or power to cause them to "respect" you, then chances are you escalated their aggression as they will be wanting retribution for the attempt.

Every time you put yourself in range to punch or kick the bully, you are also in position to get punched. Chances are they are bigger and stronger which is why they chose a smaller person as their victim and because they are bigger, they will have a longer reach as well.

If you punch the bully too hard in the face, you could damage or break your hand. That might be important if you had other activities that required that hand, such as an instrument recital, important sports meet, or even basic writing.

As a singular strategy, it implies that if I do this, my problems will go away. It isn't a realistic portrayal of a fight, unless it's one well-timed perfectly placed knock out punch. A typical fight doesn't consist of just one technique, usually you see a combination of things that happen.

Then there is the school and parental disciplinary action that would follow. Of course this would vary depending on policies and family values.


If we are not going to punch or kick the bully, then what?

We need a strategy that addresses first and foremost the probable things that are going to happen if our Verbal Jiu Jitsu is not effective.

Confidence results from knowing that the strategy we have learned is sound and we have the physical ability and reflexes to execute perfect timing.

The Gracie Bullyproof® strategies emphasize control and the ability to protect ourselves and the bully from getting hurt until help arrives.

Negotiation is a life skill that learned early will become useful throughout many stages of life.

questions and thoughts for serious consideration

Realistically, a serious bully is prepared to punch in the face, then what?

A bigger and stronger bully will end on top if the fight goes to the ground, then what?

If the smaller kid happens to end up on top, how will they expect to stay on top of someone bigger and stronger?

If punches from standing were not successful, aren't they going to continue once the fight goes to the ground?

Headlocks from both standing and on the ground are one of the most common attacks next to punching. They can be demoralizing, painful and pave the way for more punches.

If the bully is unable to cause their desired physical damage, they will lose confidence in their ability to do emotionally damage.

want more info about how Gracie Bullyproof addresses these concerns?

Gracie Bullyproof® the Rules of Engagement no.4

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