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Twisting Arm Control - Gracie Combatives tips

Gracie Jiu Jitsu is beautiful.

The techniques give you so much control in a fight.

Perfect the techniques and you will have the ability to defeat people much bigger and stronger than you.

Because you have control, the amount of damage needed to finish the fight could be a simple surrender or a full submission as necessary.


The Twisting Arm Control (Gracie Combatives Lesson No. 22) highlights the control and the submission opportunities that are available. This article assumes that you have knowledge of the technique and it meant to serve as reference for common mistakes and essential details.

Here are some reminders and tips for success with this move.

From Mount top and the Bad Guy (BG) is protecting his face

Use 2 hands to deflect the BG arm across -

use one hand on the wrist and the other on the elbow

The key is a quick deflection followed by a quick pin with your chest -

expect that he's not going to want to leave his arm across.

When moving to the Modified Mount

Carry your weight on your elbow and the other hand

to adjust your legs smoothly

When you've reached the Twisting Arm Control Position

your back foot positions as a kickstand

in case the BG rolls back into you aggressively

Realize because he can't turn into you -

he will turn to his knees, the indicator is his legs

The Back Hook transition is crucial - when his legs turn, your kickstand foot also adjusts to prepare for the back hook entry , don't forget to free your hands as well.

As soon as the BG hips come off the ground - the hook goes in. Timing is vital

Push off your hands to adjust your alignment on the BG back

Armlock Finish

When creating space for your other hand to come through -

leave the space open for as little time as possible

Keep your weight on your hands as you spin for the armlock

as soon as you loop your arm over the head -

your leg should follow as soon as possible

Armlock Finish Details

check Gracie Combatives Lesson No. 6 Straight Armlock from the mount

Gracie University Lesson no. 9

If ever you decide to go for the Armlock and your opponent begins rolling to their knees you MUST abort the Armlock and post your hands out for base, otherwise you will fall forward on your face and end up with nothing. Your primary concern should be their attempt to roll to their knees, if you are not prepared for this you will fall off of them.

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