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Gracie Combatives Elbow Escape from Side Mount tips

These tips are a supplement to Gracie Combatives class No. 21,

Elbow Escape from the Side Mount

remember that if the Bad Guy achieves the Side Mount will probably try to

PUNCH you, maybe even hold you down

(see Shrimp Escape, Gracie Combatives Lesson No. 16)


try to MOUNT and then PUNCH you

Be Patient

The opportunity for the Elbow Escape comes when they attempt the transition from Side Mount to Mount.

There are multiple shrimp movements in this technique. If you need some tips on executing the shrimp perfectly > click here

A Most Common Mistake


Block the Bad Guy's knees two times

1st time - your elbow must stay inside the BG knee while he has the side mount

2nd time - once you have trapped one of the BG legs, block his knee with your hand or elbow as your bring your other leg out



The time to escape is when the BG knee commits for the Mount attempt which is going to make his other leg light.


How many shrimps are in this technique? In what direction? and of what size are they? How do you maintain punch protection throughout?

If you know this you are on your way to mastery!


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