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a Child is like a tree

like a tree - the child starts young

takes root wherever possible and then...

is fed...

Parents might feed love

Friends might teach loyalty

Teachers may instill discipline

Bullies may destroy confidence

and so forth.. until such time that the TREE must bear FRUIT and the QUALITY is determined by what the roots were drinking for the previous growing years.

5 strategies plus a bonus tip were blogged about here

Let's delve further.

showing COMPASSION : it may be too late to teach this one, if a relative is severely ill and the child exhibits no interest in the events.

being FAITHFUL : how will kids really understand what this means? This is the manifestation of one's INTEGRITY.

the GENTLE giant : responsible with power and using it for good

SELF-CONTROL : they are constantly shiny baubles and distractions and worst of all .... addictions.

the growing tree can not control what it is fed - it drinks whatever nutrient source is most readily available.

we would love to be part of the water.


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