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Cost of Quality Instruction

(adapted from Rener Gracie recounting lessons with his grandfather, Helio Gracie)

"When it comes to the financial side of jiu-jitsu, one lesson my grandfather taught me as a child was that our students don’t pay for jiu-jitsu; in every class we are giving it away for free.

One cannot put a price tag on the self-defense skills, the increased confidence, and the lifestyle changes brought about through jiu-jitsu.

When a student pays their tuition, they are not paying for jiu-jitsu, they are contributing to the rent, the utilities, and the instructor’s living expenses so he doesn’t have to get another job to subsidize his passion of “giving jiu-jitsu away for free.”

Anyone who is concerned that the tuition is too much for jiu-jitsu instruction clearly hasn’t had their life altered by jiu-jitsu or doesn’t realize that rent, utilities and gas prices are necessary."

The 10 day trial offered by all Certified Training Centers is the perfect opportunity to put this passion to the test. All questions and concerns in your mind going in are almost always answered within these 10 days.


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