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Lies and more Lies

can TRUTH set you FREE?

Bullying is EMOTIONAL ABUSE and

it's NOT JUST a kid's epidemic.

check the list and ponder...

AGGRAVATION : Do you know "enemies" that taunt people day after day, mocking, cursing, provoking others?

INTIMIDATION : Threats don't have to be physical only, they can appear in the form of lawsuits or anything that is designed to scare you into compliance. Lies are usually not far to be found.

DENIGRATION : Constant ridicule and fault finding. This is not the same as teasing from a place of love. This is heaping scorn upon scorn.

HUMILIATION : shame is a favorite tool of abusers

MANIPULATION : using control and words to kill

DOMINATION : pushing hard to make someone fall and fail

DEFAMATION : spreading rumors and conspiring against, the internet is filled with this


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