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Source of Knowledge that is Proven Effective

"Would you do it for yourself?

for your family?

for your family name?

and anyone that associates with you?

If the answer is yes,

then why not learn something

that will help you in

an unpredictable & uncontrollable situation and

keep you out of the news at the same time?"

Officer Alvarez w Marty Josey GRACIE DURHAM

Alberto Alvarez, Bay Area Rapid Transit Police, speaks

re: LEO unsure about the value of Gracie Survival Tactics.

"I’ve attended the Level 1 course ten times and Level 2 once. It has been the greatest professional investment for me. The methodologies of GST have definitely saved my career. I’ve attended several arrest & control courses. GST has been by far the best, and it’s recommended by many in the first responder & military profession."

As of 2016, Officer Alvarez has completed GST 10 times.

"It's a career saver and a reputation saver."

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