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The Secret to Sucess

Information adapted from the Gracie Academy Master Cycle curriculum.

It would be hard to find a larger family structure that engages in Martial Arts at the level of the Gracie family.

In all learning, there can be peaks and valleys.

Here are success tips for those who have mastered the 36 essential techniques of Gracie Combatives and are exploring the hundreds of advanced techniques in Gracie Jiu Jitsu.


Tap early and tap often.

Use review time wisely. Talk less, train more.

Become a black belt in Gracie Combatives.

Log on to on a regular basis.

Respect all students and make their safety your priority.

Be eager to share/receive knowledge from anyone.

Go beyond techniques; become a student of principles.

When injured, come to class but don’t spar.

Be smart. Adopt the 20-year training mindset.

Minimize your ego to maximize your progress.

Don’t fear Fight Simulation Class, clinch it!

Like Helio Gracie, learn to instruct yourself.

Identify the hidden lesson in every tap.

Forget about promotions, focus on progress.

Jiu-Jitsu isn’t about fighting, it’s about life.



Unlike the Gracie Combatives program, which is entirely designed for new students to the art, the Master Cycle program caters to students of all belt levels from blue to black. As a result, you will often be exposed to techniques beyond your belt level.

These advanced techniques should be practiced enthusiastically, and will give you a good idea of what to look forward to, but you should not burden yourself with the task of trying to memorize them all.

If a move seems easy and applicable for you, take it, but if not, leave it alone and trust that you’ll get it next time you cycle through that chapter.

Remember, it’s not a sprint,

it’s a marathon,

and you’re only racing against yourself,

so be patient and have fun!


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