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The Medical Safety of Gracie Survival Tactics

US Customs and Border Patrol learning GST (West Virginia, 2017)


Police Officer gets arm-barred by drugged MMA-trained suspect in Canada.

For reasons explained in this video, GST is now open to all active-duty EMTs, Firefighters and first responders.

Bad guys are learning too.


The Medical Safety of Gracie Survival Tactics

for use by Law Enforcement professionals

"It has often been taught that using a strike as a distraction technique can be a way of gaining compliance with a subject before restraints can be applied. These may not be effective in real situations due to the offenders being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Frequently more than one strike may be required and this may be seen as excessive use of force.

The taught level 1 GST course is unique in that there is virtually no emphasis on such techniques at all, instead focusing on control and position techniques before using the restraint methods of vascular or limb restraints."

"Striking using any limb takes training and timing and is subject to the force that can be generated by the person delivering the strike. It would therefore be unlikely for a 135lbs female officer to be able to effectively use any form of distraction strike to gain compliance on a much larger, heavier male subject."

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