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Excited for 2023

Gracie Survival Tactics 2023

2 courses in NC scheduled in 2023!


Free Women Empowered Seminar

please share - spots are limited. Perfect for people brand new to self defense.


2022 Holiday Schedule - closed Dec 31, 2022


2023 Schedule Changes

Gracie Combatives Thurs 4:30 moved to Thurs 5:30

Privates on Thursdays start at 6:30

Jan 2023 Instructor Certification Live verification Torrance, CA

Instructor candidates seeking live verifcation at Gracie University headquarters are Holly Thompson (Women Empowered), Bill Harris, Lyndon Joyce and Addison Yu. Re-certifying are Savannah Yu (Women Empowered), Sunny Yu (Women Empowered), Matt Labrum and Alex Tsikos.


2022 was a great year. So many positive events. Gracie Survival Tactics continues to gain acceptance and adoption both state and nationwide. The continued positive feedback across all the programs has been tremendous. Thank you for your continued support as we remain steadfast to be a healthy outlet for many.


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