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School updates Fall 2020

New schedule released

The released schedule is based on feedback forms sent to brand new interested students and the current student body.

Zoom classes continue except for Sat morning Master Cycle and Gracie Combatives which will be replaced by in person classes at this time.

In person Bullyproof classes have been added LChamps on Tues 4pm and Jr Grapplers Thurs 4pm - future classes will be added based on demand.

SUPER NEW - Thurs 4pm is a Parent / Child class where parents will be training in their own Gracie Combatives class while the kids train in their own Jr Grapplers class. We will continue to assess the viability of this format but so far it has been well received. Parents that have been interested in training and have a Jr Grapplers can consider this option.

Gracie Combatives online calendar has been updated to show the class to be taught that day - the night classes will be following one track and the day/Sat classes a separate track

Additional unpublished classes are being held because we have students who's schedule do not fit the published classes - if you would like to be a part of those - contact us

WOMEN EMPOWERED demand has been increasing and we are now offering 3 Women Empowered classes per week. The calendar showing the class to be covered that day has been updated.


NEW Location 4908 Hillsborough Rd

We are thankful to our landlord and landlady, Danny and Christa for accommodating GRACIE DURHAM in a building they have been refurbishing.

There are two temporary floors laid out while we wait for custom foam blocks to be manufactured and shipped to us before we lay out the full 1500 SF floating floor that we brought with us from Northgate.

Temporary floor

Thank you for your patience for any ongoing construction that is happening at the space.

please review and follow these school policies

  • No street shoes on any mats - particularly the satellite mat that is temporarily setup

  • No bare feet in the bathrooms - bring your own sandals or use one of our provided sandals

  • Wash your training attire after each class - rental gis are available for $5 for the session

  • Keep finger and toe nails trimmed

  • Wash your hands before class AND after class

  • We have a water fountain that is scheduled for installation - until that time, remember to bring a water bottle and we will offer bottled water on site for $1

Gracie Way Jiu Jitsu Durham
Download PDF • 244KB

THANK YOU to everyone for supporting the school.


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