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Winter Schedule changes and GRACIE DURHAM gear

Changes to the Gracie Durham calendar for the Winter 2020 - effective November 26, 2020

Enjoy time with your family and friends as the staff at Gracie Durham will rest Thurs - Saturday November 26-28

Starting the Week of November 30 note these calendar changes

Gracie Combatives

  • Wed class moved to 6:30pm

Women Empowered -

  • Tues class moved to 7pm

  • Wed class moved to 7:30pm

Master Cycle

  • added Tues 7pm

  • added Wed 7:30pm

Gracie Bullyproof - no changes

Thank you for your understanding as we make adjustments to the schedule.



limited quantities available

Kids and Adult sizes in stock

to receive 30% off this shirt order one here

Sale Ends November 29, 2020


Full Gracie Winter Collection

order from the Gracie Store through GRACIE DURHAM by sending us an email of the items you want

we will be offering 30% off retail with pick up at GRACIE DURHAM

offer expires Sunday Nov 29, 2020


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