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Winter Schedule Changes and more

Late September, Instructors Sunny, Matt and Parker were able to assist Ryron Gracie for 30 hours Gracie Survival Tactics in Utah. Instructors Sunny, Matt and Savannah assisted Rener and Eve Gracie for a 9 hour Women Empowered super seminar hosted by the Sheriff of Uintah County.

We are looking forward to assisting with GST to be held in NC in late 2022.


November 12 - Move with Brisa

Friday 12pm Brisa Silvestre will be leading a class to teach mindful movement including stretching, core and muscular strengthening. Brisa has started Gracie Combatives at the school with her family and will use her knowledge of the body and movement to enhance our health.

This 45 minute class will be offered for free for Gracie Durham. If you can't make the class but would like to come to something like this, please let us know so that we can plan for the future.


Class Schedule Changes effective Nov. 6

Tues 7-8 Women Empowered / Gracie Combatives/ Master Cycle Open Practice. coordinate with other students to get extra practice in the program that you are currently studying. The intention is that students connect with others beforehand so that you have an idea who will be showing up to be able to practice with you. If you would like us to help connect you with the right people in your program of study, simply ask.

Enrolled students at Gracie Durham are able to have another opportunity to work with others in addition to the Gracie University online curriculum and the regularly scheduled classes.

Saturday Little Champs moved from 10:30 to 11:30am

11:30 32 Principles class open to white belt 4 stripes and higher rank, we will be taking select principles from the 32P curriculum and facilitating student understanding and exploration of the concepts.

12:30 added Women Empowered class - please share with women you know whom you believe could benefit from these potentially life saving techniques.


Instructors and New Schools

This January 2022, we will have many instructors traveling to Torrance, CA for the bi-annual Live Evaluation of instructor candidates. Candidate instructors from Gracie Durham will complete the next step in their process toward becoming a Certified Instructor through Gracie University and under Rener and Ryron Gracie. Existing certified instructors refresh their teaching, connect with colleagues and assist with the evaluation process.

Our friend Joe in Southern Pines will be completing his certification in January and is looking to open a Certified Training Center in that area in the near future.


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