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Instructor : Sunny Yu


MonWed 11:15

1st Day meeting : Fetzer Gym A

Activity Space : Fetzer Wrestling Room

Lab Space : Fetzer Gym B

LFIT 145

Required Material:


EBOOK, on Bearface accessed online through Sakai  

please fill out the PARQ online before class starts 

Course Fee:


If you drop your LFIT course before August 31, 2019 you may receive a refund.


Email to facilitate this process. Requests after this date will likely not be honored and your money will not be carried over to another semester. 

You will have to repay the fee if you decide to take the course at a later date.

Grading Scale:


A 93.0-100%

A- 90.0-92.9%

B+ 87.0-89.9%

B 83.0-86.9%

B- 80.0-82.9%

C+ 77.0-79.9%

C 73.0-76.9%

C- 70.0-72.9%

D+ 67.0-69.9%

D 60.0-66.9%

F < 60.0%

Grading criteria: 


Most of the lab activities will be held in Fetzer Hall Gym B.


The instructions for the labs are located in your lab modules on the Bearface website

( ).


They are to be completed and turned in on the scheduled date. There will be no make-up labs dates.


Labs are worth 5 points each, expect for lab #2 which is worth 10 points.


Failure to be in lab will result in an absence AND the loss of the 5 points for the lab.


More than one missed lab will result in a failing grade.


Eight modules are required for to students to read on .


After each module is complete, the student will have 30 minutes to complete a short quiz.


The deadline for completion of the quizzes is midnight on the due date.


Failure to meet the deadline results in an automatic zero.


The final exam is a comprehensive exam which covers concepts from all 8 modules.


The exam may consist of multiple choice, true/false, and short answer questions.


The final exam will be given on the last day of class – not during the scheduled finals period.


Attendance will be taken. Classes and labs are mandatory.


Students may not miss more than 1 lab during the semester. 7 or more unexcused absences will result in an F.


A total of 10 excused and unexcused absences will result in an F or the need for a medical drop of the course. Three absences are allowed before 

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 1.19.23 PM.png


Proper athletic clothing and shoes must be worn at all times on activity and lab days. Jeans are not acceptable, nor are sandals.


Your participation grade will be affected if you do not dress out properly.


we recommend gi pants and a crew neck t shirt


Honor Code

 It is expected that each student in this class will conduct him or herself within the guidelines of the Honor System. 


All academic work should be done with the high level of honesty and integrity that is University demands

Students may be videotaped by instructors through the use of classroom or handheld monitoring devices during any exams or graded assignments taken in class.



Please note that effective Fall 2011, you will no longer receive credit for more than one LFIT course.

Students may take only one LFIT course during their career at UNC-CH.

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