Instructor : Sunny Yu


MonWed 11:15

Activity Space : Fetzer Wrestling Room

PHYA 245

please fill out the PARQ online before class starts 


Recommended :

crew neck t-shirt

gi pants

orders from this site will be directly delivered to the class

attendance card stays in class - print your own copy to follow the syllabus


Unlike any other jiu-jitsu school on the planet, Gracie University has a complete online curriculum that mirrors exactly what is taught in live lessons at the school.

Utilizing Gracie University’s online system, all students will have the opportunity to study their classes online and learn from home. 


Log on to from any computer or mobile device.

Lessons 1-3 are always unlocked and there are options to unlock the other lessons.


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Use Youtube lessons although they will not be as complete as the curriculum lessons.  The pdf has Youtube links included.


At any point during your at-home study/practice, you have a question about a technique, simply send us an email and the preferred time of day for the call and we’ll set you up with an instructor who can schedule a Facetime (or Messenger) video call with you. Naturally the call schedule will be affected by the volume of inquiries but rest assured that we will get to each and every one of you! 

Gracie University Lessons


Lesson 1: Trap and Roll Escape

Lesson 2: Americana Armlock

Lesson 3: Positional Control (Mount)

Lesson 4: Take the Back (Mount)

Lesson 5: Rear Naked Choke

Lesson 6: Leg Hook Takedown

Lesson 7: Clinch (Aggressive Opponent)

Lesson 8: Punch Block Series (Stages 1-4)

Lesson 9: Straight Armlock (Mount)

the lessons above have been taught in class

the PDF to the right is the syllabus and schedule for the remaining Spring 2020 semester.


Submit videos showing the techniques as the good guy on the due dates in the pdf.

If there are variations - state which variation you are showing.

The final video requires you to create a reflex development drill of 6 techniques from in class and at home study techniques of your choice.  The techniques must sequence with each other in a logical format.  For example - a rear naked choke would not naturally follow americana armlock.

Training Partners

One of the main benefits of training at a school is the plethora of awesome training partners to choose from every day you come to class. Given the circumstances, there’s no doubt that you’ll have fewer partners to choose from, but here are some recommendations that might help. 



If you have friends or family members that you’ve always wanted to introduce to jiu-jitsu, now is the time! Chances are they are also experiencing the cancellation of many of their favorite activities so they’ll be much more open to trying something new, especially if it means they can spend more time with you. Just be sure to start them gradually from lesson 1, don’t be overly critical, and praise every bit of progress. 



Although all group classes are on hold, as of now we will continue offering private classes to our students. Whether or not you currently participate in private classes, if this is something you’d like to explore, simply reply to this email and let us know which instructor (if any) you had in mind and we will put you in direct contact with him/her.  



Even though large group gatherings are advised against, there is no reason why a small group of healthy people can’t get together to practice jiu-jitsu. Use social media to contact your friends from the school and set up small training sessions using the online curriculum as a guide. 


GRACIE UNIVERSITY ONLINE STUDENT DATABASE has over 240,000 online students and we’ve created a very sophisticated member search tool that helps you find people in your community that are also looking for training partners. Give it a try, click here



Gracie Garages are unofficial at-home training centers led by one or more dedicated students who have access to the online curriculum and at least 100 square feet of grappling mats. To search for Gracie Garages near you, or to learn more about starting your own Gracie Garage, click here