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Student Chapter Outlines

Fight Simulation class (no gi)

required : mouth guard

required : 16-18oz blue boxing gloves

highly recommended : Gracie Academy rash guard

highly recommended : gi pants 

sharing of boxing gloves is not allowed

Fight Sim Guidelines

bad guy wears a mouth guard and 18 oz boxing gloves, and the good guy wears a mouth guard with no gloves

bad guy’s intensity/skill level should never exceed what the good guy can safely handle

Punch power should never exceed 10%



bad guy should be encouraged to behave like a street-fight opponent by following

three rules: 1) when you are on the top, punch, 2) when you are on the bottom bench press your opponent off, 3) if you can’t push the good guy off, roll to your knees and get out at all costs.

Only once a good guy becomes incredibly proficient at neutralizing the punches should he/she be attacked with increased intensity and jiu-jitsu intelligence from the bad guy.

Fight Simulation Sparring is every student’s most important training. Keep it safe, focused, and productive!
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