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Shrimp Drill tips- Gracie Combatives

If you are having trouble with the shrimp drill, here are some tips to help you perfect the move.

This article assumes you have some knowledge already of the move and will focus on common mistakes.

Starting Position

  • 1up - 1down that knee must remain flat on the mat, nothing should be able to go under it

  • the ball of the foot and the position will increase the leverage of your movement

Essential Details

  • Shoulder stays in the same place when shooting hips back

  • float the hips off the mat a little to reduce friction from the mat

  • don't let posted foot slide


Keep in mind that various sizes of shrimps are necessary sometimes within the same techniques.

Generally you are only going to need small, medium or large shrimps or sometimes even 2 in a row to complete the move.

The shrimp drill is very useful for executing the Elbow Escape from the mount and side mount (Gracie Combatives technique no. 9 and 21).

What other techniques can you think of that incorporate the shrimp movement?

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