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Mother Daughter Women Empowered Seminar

Adriana Alvarez responds to her daughter calls for help when she is grabbed by a masked person. A man identified by police as Vassiliou threw the teen down the stairwell and punched her several times in the face.

Vassiliou is also accused of punching, kicking and using pepper spray on Alvarez as she attempted to fend off the much larger man. Though her daughter survived the attack largely unharmed, Alvarez was left with mounting medical expenses after suffering bruising, a dislocated shoulder, a fractured orbital socket and a broken elbow.

After reviewing the Ring cam capture, there are numerous techniques taught in the Women Empowered program that could have been useful to mitigate damage including the rear grab defense, punch protection and others.

We will be hosting a Women Empowered seminar for Mothers and Daughters just in time for Mother's Day and specifically for first time students who could benefit from self defense tools.

We will be donating over 50% of the proceeds from this seminar to the Alvarez family through their GoFund Me.


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