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Mat Munchkins (ages 3-4)

New Mat Munchkins Classes

The Mat Munchkins program is the perfect introduction to jiu-jitsu for preschoolers, ages 3-5. In these playful classes, parents join us on the mat as we guide the little ones through fun games designed to help them develop "comfort with closeness." Once they learn the basic techniques and build their confidence in Mat Munchkins they'll be ready to transition into Little Champs (ages 5-7) classes.

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Mat Munchkins is a 30-minute class, and our objective is simple: give young children the opportunity to step on the mat with their parents to have fun playing games that are loosely based on jiu-jitsu while preparing them to transition into the Little Champs classes.

Kids in this class only partner with adults. Parents are required to attend the classes with their child.

The main difference between Mat Munchkins and Little Champs, is that the children will be partnering with other children during Little Champs instead of only practicing with adults.

Before advancing a child to Little Champs, we will make sure they are good at following instructions throughout the class

Starting May 2024 added another Jr Grapplers class on Wednesday 5pm - 6pm and Black Belt Club (invite only) from 6pm-6:30pm

Other Events coming up

May 5 - School Potluck

Gracie Survival Tactics Charlotte L1 2024
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