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Summer Camps and updated schedule

Summer Camps are scheduled - a mix of indoor/outdoor activities including select lessons from the Gracie Bullyproof curriculum.


updated schedule

Monday :

  • 5:30 Reflex Development practice for those who are preparing for the Gracie Combatives test

  • 6pm extended Gracie Combatives review period. Find some students to meet you and have extra review, use the time like the normal 10min review period

  • 7:30 Fight Sim


  • 10am Reflex Development

  • 11am MC Sparring

  • 7pm Women Empowered Open Practice - 2 or more WE students can agree to show up and practice their techniques (if you plan to come, make sure you coordinate with other WE students beforehand)


  • 6pm extended Gracie Combatives review period. (same as Monday)

Saturday June 19, 2021 - Grand Opening for Gracie Jiu Jitsu Monroe, NC!


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