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How to Grow a Wise Child

If you are a parent then you are probably interested in this article.

Kids are characters and I'm always looking for help

to build my kid's CHARACTER.

If you follow the below list, your chances of growing a "WISE" child are nearly guaranteed to improve.


Before we start the list,

FACT : there are no perfect parents.

I am guilty as charged of missing "perfection".

Let's start by saying we can lecture and teach our kids until we are blue in the face but if our words are accompanied by supporting action, we gain CREDIBILITY.

the LIST

show LOVE : If a kid doesn't believe this or feel it to a certain level, they will be affected. They desperately need to be assured that they are loved. What are small, clever ways you can sneak some love into your kid's life daily?

find JOY : Compare and contrast a household that is full of complaining, fault finding and bitterness versus one that focuses on the glass being half full. Which is a better environment for a child trying to make sense of the world around? This is a tough one because sometimes life throws us a curveball.

make PEACE : Kids don't intrinsically understand how to do this. Watch what happens if two toddlers want the same toy. Many adults seemed to have missed this lesson along the way, just consider various leaders across the globe and grade them on their Peace efforts. How can we model PEACE for our kids?

infernal PATIENCE : "How much longer until we get there?" If I never heard that again, it would be ok with me. Can teenagers test Patience? My teen is not shy about reminding me how smart she is becoming. We prefer that people are patient with us, so we better practice it ourselves.

general KINDNESS : Should our kids help the old lady get her groceries in the car? Or is catching that next Pokemon of greater importance?

There are obviously more that we could add to the list, but this is a good starting point.

Raising kids with character is not easy and most of us are learning as we go.

That's why it's cool to have all the help we can get.

I'm encouraged my good friend Jon Daniel, who is in charge of community relations at the Orange County Sheriff's Office, has helped roll out the BEE program.

It's cool because it reinforces kids of the important character traits they should be striving for.

If you like the shirt, next time you are at GRACIE DURHAM ask us for one, we have a limited supply available to share for free

It's super cool whenever kids can go to their "regular" activities and they are receiving other life coaching as well. That's one of the reasons Gracie Bullyproof is such an efficient use of time. Embedded in the lessons is a 12month Character Development Program!


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