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Gracie Gear Release and Sale

The 93 Collection, pays homage to the original gi and triangle worn by Royce Gracie at UFC 1 in November of 1993.

There will be two types of gis, a limited edition canvas gi and a traditional lightweight pearl weave plus a full no-gi collection. The 93 Canvas Gi is made with 16oz weight fabric for durability and have standard pearl weave pants for mobility and the logos will be screen printed just like in 1993. The 93 Pearl Weave will be on the same favorite lightweight material students have come to love and the logos are embroidered.

The 93 No-Gi Collection will feature a long and short sleeve two-tone rashguard with navy and blue being the main colors. It will also have navy ultralight shorts and matching navy spats for a full classic navy no-gi set.

Orders are scheduled to ship from Gracie HQ late November, early December.

We will be offering 30% off at the Gracie Store

storewide including the new release 93 Collection - valid until 11/29/2020 with pickup at Gracie Durham. The 30% does not stack on top of already discounted items.

To place an order - email us at with the items you want and take an advantage of this discount

93 Pearl Weave Gi (available in Mens/Womens/Kids) MSRP $149.99 / $99

93 Lite Canvas Gi (available in Mens/Womens/Kids) MSRP $129.99 / $79

93 Rashguard Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve (Mens/Womens/Kids) MSRP $55 / $49



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