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The Onion

In Gracie Jiu Jitsu, the first situation we teach involves being pinned underneath someone who is sitting on top you.

We would call this being in the bottom of the Mount

Most people who don't have a plan for that situation will go crazy to escape....

wasting valuable energy

As they react out of fear, when they don't make the progress they desire, panic ensues and ultimately exhaustion ....

unable to continue the fight

How many are in the bottom of a metaphorical "mount" right now?

feeling trapped, controlled against their will possibly

the weight, burden and pressure stifling life

stuck in one of life's most uncomfortable positions

hoping and craving for the familiar

without an obvious solution, does frustration lead to further ineffectiveness

Transition in Life could be a

Significant Place of Opportunity

and at the same time

the Most Vulnerable Place of Insecurity

My garden which I had decided over the years was hopeless is now improved with better soil, more plants than ever and we are on track for our most bountiful harvest ever!


Onion re-grown from a kitchen scrap - planted right near the beginning of lockdown

(excitement from a novice gardener)


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